All About Games' Grading Guide


At All About Games we have decided to focus more on the Playability of Trading Cards rather than Collectivity. That being said, Condition does matter. You don't want some jank beat up card that you would never be able to trade, sell, or be proud of. But which is more important? Some little bitty nick or getting the cards you need for your deck? We think getting the cards is more important, and we have shaped our prices and our grading guide around that.


*Pack Fresh*- This grade is reserved for cards that are from the current Standard legal sets and in typical straight from the pack condition or older cards that are just so dang pretty that we think they deserve a little extra attention; cards that, if it were worth the time and money, we would have professionally graded. Very few older cards that we buy are going to be considered *Pack Fresh*, but if you have a card on your buy-list that is worth $20 or more and you think that it deserves to be called *Pack Fresh*, add a note to your order and we will take a look at it when it comes in and see if we agree; no guarantees.


Unmarred- This is by and large the condition that most of the older cards that we buy and sell are in. Furthermore, any standard cards that we get in that at a quick glance are obviously below *Pack Fresh*, but still aren't Marred, will be graded as Unmarred. Unmarred does not mean perfect. It means that the card does not have glaring damage, warping, or wear. There may be a nick here or there, but the sides and corners are mostly their original shape and color. The card may have a slight bend to it due to foil warping or shuffling, but once sleeved it is not noticeable in the deck. There is no writing on the front or the back of the card.


Marred- Cards that are considered marred do have obvious wear, but the integrity of the card is still intact. The card may have more than a few nicks to it. Even up to the point where an entire edge has gone white from damage. There may be some increased warping from foiling or shuffling. Not so much that the card wouldn't be safe to play at a local weekly tournament, but enough that a serious player wouldn't want to take it to a competitive tournament. There may be wear to the front or back of the card, but not so much as to obscure it.


Damaged>Playable- These cards have obvious damage to them, but if you were to sleeve them up you would still be able to reasonably play with them. Such cards could have obscuring damage to their fronts or backs. They could have writing on them. They could have been bent at some time to the point that they have a crease, but still fit in a sleeve and shuffle just fine. On cards that in better condition would be worth $20 or more we are happy to show you the card, or send you a picture of the card, before you decide to purchase it. Cards normally worth less than $20 are at buyer's risk.



Damaged>Unplayable- Usually such cards are so warped by water damage or something else that, even in a sleeve, they stand out in a deck.

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